01 / About aiTunes

Royalty free music, for your content.

aiTunes is a revolutionary new application, utilising artificial intelligence to create custom music for a host of applications. From streaming to social media, YouTube and more, find the perfect high quality soundtrack for your needs.

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02 / Roadmap

We are creating something unique. Introducing our roadmap highlights.

Welcome to our roadmap section, where we navigate the journey of our AI-generated royalty-free music project. Join us as we unveil milestones, from fine-tuning algorithms to expanding genre diversity, to create a symphony of innovative compositions that inspire creators worldwide.
A more detailed roadmap can be found in our WhitePaper

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aiTunes - Feature

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aiTunes - Feature

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aiTunes - Feature

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03 / Contact

Welcome to the Community! Let’s get in touch.

Our project is testing at development stage, but we are ready to go! You can leave a request or We are always glad to see you in our Telegram Community or Twitter .


Feel free to contact us via mail!
For official requests please contact us on second addres:

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